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Why place art in the landscape?

So much of the work of National Landscapes is defined in policy or scientific terms, but instinctively we all know that our experience of place is personal, measured by our emotional response.

The film shows a few examples of the awe-inspiring Art in the Landscape projects National Landscapes teams have delivered.

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Art in the Landscape - the National Landscapes network's art & culture programme

Whether you experience the split second of peace before a thuderstorm in a city park; the sense of smallness you get watching a roiling sea or the night sky or the feeling of rootedness on returning to a place visited with loved ones throughout your life; if we are lucky, we get a few moments to really absorb these moments.

Artists have been inspired by landscape throughout history; from John Constable's Hay Wain - an image of the River Stour in Dedham Vale National Landscape to Ralph Vaughan-Williams' The Lark Ascending; and artworks have in turn helped us to a greater understanding of natural beauty.

National Landscapes Partnerships are working with artists to create opportunities for more people to connect with landscape on their own terms: through permanent or temporary installations, workshops for adults and children, poetry, music, performance.

Areas of Work

Art in the Landscape is the National Landscapes network's art & culture programme. Our partnership with Poetry School is one of our flagship projects within Art in the Landscape, offering commissions to recipients of the Laurel Prize for ecopoetry collections, and sponsors the Best Poem of UK Landscape in the Ginkgo Prize for individual ecopoems.