Laurel Prize 2020

Laurel Prize 2020 - Winners announced

The Laurel Prize is an annual award for the best collection of nature or environmental poetry to highlight the climate crisis and raise awareness of the challenges and potential solutions at this critical point in our planet’s life. The Prize dovetails and partners with The Ginkgo Prize which rewards best single poems.

The winners of the Laurel Prize 2020 were named at an online ceremony in October 2020, and three of them have been commissioned to write new poems celebrating their chosen Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Overall Winner

Pascale Petit for her collection Mama Amazonica - she is working with Cornwall National Landscape.

Runner up
Karen McCarthy-Woolf, for Seasonal Disturbances, is working with Suffolk and Essex Coast and Heaths National Landscape.

Winner of the best first collection
Matt Howard, for Gall, is working with Norfolk Coast National Landscape.

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