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National Landscapes are living places. Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is not a nature designation, and caring for the natural beauty of these places involves more than habitat restoration.

The physical geography in a National Landscape: the unique combination of landform, climate and geology determines which species thrive, which industries grow, and therefore the heritage, language and culture of the individual place.

The work of National Landscapes Partnerships incorporates all aspects of place. To support our members most effectively, the work of the National Landscapes Association is focused in nine main areas:

Case Studies

National Landscapes teams are working hard all the time for people, nature, climate and place. Find out more about recent projects making a difference around the country.

Forest of Bowland NL Forest of Bowland NL - Bowland Haytime Learning

The Bowland Award

Every year, a Bowland Award theme is selected and teams are invited to nominate projects addressing this theme. Each National Landscape Partnership can then vote for the project they think shows the most innovative or effective approach.