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Youth & Education

National Landscapes are close to many urban centres and offer learning opportunities for young people of all ages. Spending time in beautiful places has many benefits, reducing stress levels, improving problem solving skills (making a den is engineering!) and burning off energy ready for a really good sleep! As the challenges to nature, climate and society continue to increase, a new generation with a clearer understanding of natural processes will be invaluable - learning about complex networks in nature is a visible, easy to follow way of developing understanding of links and networks more generally, readying children's brains for wider computing and scientific concepts.

We don't want outdoor learning to be predicated on its value in formal learning though. Time in beauty is good for all of us, gives us a feeling of rootedness that we don't get from many other experiences, and it's simple, cheap fun.

young people engaged by National Landscapes teams via school visits and activities during 2019/20
young people live in National Landscapes
of people who spend time in nature will exhibit environmentally friendly behaviour, against 7% of those who don't