Climate Action Toolkit

A collaborative output

Responding to climate change is fundamental to the conservation and enhancement of natural beauty. National landscapes are already working across a range of climate change mitigation and adaptation actions, with much of their focus on nature-based solutions. Much of our core work contributes to action on climate change.

While national landscapes teams are small and cannot alone address the challenge, their ability to convene powerful partnerships enables them to coordinate action over an entire landscape and move communities in the right direction.

The National Landscapes Association supports teams and partnerships in addressing this complex challenge by coordinating collaborative activities and continuing to fulfil its role in amplifying the national landscapes' collective voice. Through a collaborative approach across the national landscapes network, the National Landscapes Association is working to improve and enhance climate action delivery at the local and national level.

The Climate Action Toolkit is the product of collaborative thinking and working during 2021 and 2022, leading to the development of useful outputs for national landscapes teams and partnerships.

Content outline

The Climate Action Toolkit contains:

  • Information on climate targets, how GHG emissions are recorded, useful data and a complete glossary, as well as external useful tools and resouces
  • Guide to farm carbon calculators for farmers and farm advisors
  • 5-step 'How to get started' document for farmers
  • Introductory guidance to retrofitting historic buildings
  • Draft paper on onshore wind and solar energy in national landscapes
  • Briefing on the implications of the DeBois Review of DMOs
  • ...