Dorset National Landscape

Dorset National Landscape is home to some of the most diverse landscapes in Britain. Stretching along one of Britain’s finest coastlines – the Jurassic Coast - and taking in countryside which still evokes the settings of the Hardy novels, this is a precious place for both people and wildlife.

(c) Lorna Rees Dorset NL - Landscapes For Life Festival (c) Lorna Rees

Landscapes For Life Festival

Dorset National Landscape is the ‘wildlife capital of England’ – with 83% of all British mammal species, 48% of bird species and 70% of butterfly species present. There are patches of landscape that are home to the most variety of plants and mammals in the UK, and the relatively warm climate also offers a home to species new to the UK. The unique geology here gives rise to habitats that exist incredibly close to each other, which is why species such as sand lizard, overwintering birds, dolphins and red squirrels are neighbours – only in Dorset.

Dorset National Landscape is also a living textbook of history. You can take a coastal trip through 185 million years of history and three geological time periods. Inland there are land-stories crossing 8000 years of human habitation, from Bronze Age to Roman times to contemporary industries. This area has long been a deep wellspring of inspiration. From Dorset natives such as Thomas Hardy to residents like John Fowles, plus visiting artists including Paul Nash, Turner and Constable. Today the creative well is deeper than ever with an extensive community of both professional and amateur artists.

Dorset National Landscape team works to conserve and enhance this uniquely varied landscape. We act as a natural health service for promoting outdoor health and wellbeing and enable nature to recover while balancing different priorities. Our projects help people connect to nature in all sorts of different ways. Our landscapes are a precious resource that everyone should be able to enjoy. Today, tomorrow and for years to come.

(c) Mike Cowley Dorset NL - Abbotsbury (c) Mike Cowley


(c) Sarah Colwell Dorset NL - Golden Cap Made It (c) Sarah Colwell

Golden Cap, Made It!

(c) Rosie Mathisen Dorset NL - St Catherines (c) Rosie Mathisen

St Catherine's

Dorset NL - at Inside Out Dorset

at Inside Out Dorset

(c) Nigel Stride Dorset NL - Arne (c) Nigel Stride